Paper Specialists

Continuous Stock Forms

Mainly used for printing long   reports, statements, etc. They are compatible with all Dot matrix Printers, and always available in stock.

Customized Continuous Pre Printed Forms (Letter Heads, Invoice Purchase Orders etc)


Letter Heads, Purchase Orders, Invoices, are usually in Pre Printed Forms. Pre Printed Forms are fully customized to your specification.

Pay Slips and Pin Mailers


Continuous Pay Slips, Pin Mailers and Pay Envelopes; these types of products help in streamlining the procedure for paying salaries, and issuing ATM cards, in top confidentiality

Security Printing, Hologram OVDs


Due to tothe introduction of high sophisticated machines like colour photocopiers, conventional photographic equipments, and high performance laser scanners any security document or any authentic product can easily be replicated or effectively copied, thus creating room for counterfeiting and forgery throughout the world.

 With provide advanced security printing techniques and Hologram OVDs provide complete solution and protection against the counterfeiters.

The Security paper used from best sources in the world with maximum security features like watermark, visible and invisible fibres in addition to the most complicated security inks.

Cheques, Bond and share certificates, gift vouchers. Event and travel tickets etc…

Copy and Laser Paper

Copy and laser paper has been specially designed for trouble free use in all office machines. Copier, Laser printer, Fax, Offset Printing Machine, Mono Ink Jet, 4 colour ink jet, colour copier, colour laser.

This paper is produced in a plant with quality and environmental management systems conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Both systems have the objective to organise and structure the work and to enhance continuous improvements.

Bar Code Numbering

Ability to do all kinds of numbering, from the most commonly used to the most complex;

All numbering jobs are done (produced) with dedication to exactness and accuracy of detail, jobs like Airway bills, Share Certificates, Cheques, Boarding Pass, Freight Forwarding documents, Bill of lading etc

OCR & MICR Numbering

 OCR and MICR numbering jobs done according to customer's requirement maintaining highest level of quality

Special machine and readable ink is used for MICR and OCR numbering jobs.

Banks and Financial institutions use this type of numbering in order to automate the processing of cheques and other negotiable documents.

Paper Rolls


Supplying customised (Thermal and/or Wood Free) paper rolls that are compatible with all the ATM and POS machines worldwide. Using plastic cores of different sizes and having the capabilities of up to 8 colours printing. Having a 3 paper quality options of thermal material gives customers a wider variety to choose from, when all 3 different paper qualities

Security Features We Could Implement On Cheques

 The cheques we print are designed in a way which is virtually impossible to replicate or alter without the fraud being evident. The cheques are fully compatible with the requirements of most Central Bank Security Specs. The safety features available in most of the Cheques we print are shown below provides the greatest deterrence to cheque fraud available in the market.

Thermochromatic Ink

The amount box of the Cheques contains a seal printed with thermochromatic (heat-sensitive) ink that changes colours when heated. This thermochromatic seal can be rubbed for instant authentication of the cheque. Colour copiers cannot reproduce the reactivity of thermochromatic ink.

Fourdrinier Watermark

The Cheque will contain a Fourdrinier (true) watermark “Positive & Negative” that is pressed into the paper at the mill and is visible from either side when held to the light. This dual-tone watermark provides instant authenticity of the document and is virtual impossible to replicate. We could also provide Customized Water Mark Paper to the client’s needs.

High-Resolution Design

The Cheque is engineered with intricately design that is difficult to duplicate. High-resolution borders are ideal for covert security because the design often distorts when copied.

Fluorescent Ink

Under UV light, a word “of the customers need” appears on the Cheque, which serves to authenticate the cheque as original.

Fluorescent Fibbers

The Cheques contains ultraviolet light-sensitive fibres that fluoresce under UV light and further serve as an authentication tool.

Micro Printing

The Cheques contains printing so small that it appears as a broken line or pattern to the human eye. When scanned or photocopied, micro printing will often blur on the copy.


A customized hologram is a shine 3 depth with different designs customized according to the customer’s needs and is made of a metallic foil material which is heat stamped on the draft using a specific heat mechanism and once put it can't be removed.

Fugitive Ink

An option of bleeding ink could be implemented on a cheque which makes fraud impossible using any water based chemicals, if applied to the cheque a coloured solvent reacts and spoils the cheque.